Turkey has a lot to offer, from its rich history and culture to blue flag seaside resorts and many more!



At Watchtower Travel, we provide tailor made travel services for our guests by understanding and interacting with each guest with the utmost care to make sure every traveler has wonderful and unique experience fitting their preferences.


Watchtower Travel is providing tours mainly to Turkey. We are excited to share our knowledge and experience as native professionals for your Turkey trips.

Our passion for traveling and love for interacting with people from all over the world lead to the establishment of Watchtower Travel. This has also lead me to take a step towards becoming an official tour guide in Turkey and getting in university again 10 years after my graduation from University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. I am looking forward to getting license in the end of 2021 and interacting with our guests in person in the actual tours!

Istanbul is my hometown where I have spent almost my 30 years and Sultanahmet area, the wonderful historic peninsula is the place where I have worked and spent almost everyday in the last years. The area gave me chance to interact with many travelers in person. Sharing culture, history and information, seeing travelers desire to explore, getting feedbacks on how amazing memories they are having is a wonderful feeling. Also, getting to know different cultures directly from travelers is a unique experience where tourism is bringing to us on the other side.

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